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Meet The Team

Our mission to provide a unique and personalized support system to our community and beyond would not be possible without the help and efforts of our dedicated team of board members and staff. Scroll below and get to know who we are.


It’s fast.

It’s easy.


It’s for the kids.

Contribute to Tumwater Hill Elementary Parent Teacher Association by doing just ONE task this year. That’s all it takes to make an impact, and we’ve made it easy! Can you spare an hour to…? 


Volunteer at Trunk or Treat, Holiday Family Fun Night, or Bingo Night? Help students pick out books for an hour during Book Fair? Hand out water cups at field day or THE Fun Run? We have many more tasks that only take an hour!

We appreciate even the most minor task. We would love your support! Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you to find your ONE!

If you have any questions:


Facebook: Tumwater Hill Elementary PTA 

*This form will redirect to our Tumwater Hill PTA volunteer connections Band app. We ask that you please register to volunteer at T.H.E 2022-2023*

Can you be contacted by text message?
✓YES! I can contribute to our PTA! I’m available to (check all that apply):
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